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Mystery trip registration

For the first time, Searcy KLIFE will join Conway KLIFE on a Mystery Trip January 12th-14th.  A Mystery Trip is just how it sounds. We will not reveal where we are going until the night of departure, and then we will all hop on a charter bus and head to that location.  In the past Conway has gone to Chicago, Bush Gardens, Universal Studios, etc. For this year, we have secured 15 spots on the charter bus for Searcy students. Some spots may open up later on, but that cannot be counted on. As a result, we are going to have a time to register your student and secure their spot on the trip. From 9:30-11 AM at the KLIFE House, you can come fill out the registration form and pay a $50 down payment, or pay the full price.  This is going to make memories that will last a lifetime!!


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Great pumpkin chase 2017

Fall is here, and that means it is time for one of our favorite events of the year, GREAT PUMPKIN CHASE!! We will start the night at the KLIFE House, break into teams with our leaders driving cars, and students will be sent on a scavenger hunt throughout Searcy to find specific businesses and/or items.  Once everyone returns, points are tallied, and the winners are announced, we will end the night with a bonfire and two-stepping. The event will be Saturday, October 28th for 7th-9th grade students, and the cost to attend is $5 The link to register is as follows:

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super k kinema

The KLIFE Cinema will be open for viewing on November 4th, from 7-9 pm, for all 5th-6th grade students! The cost to get in is FREE, and snacks and drinks will be provided. After all, what is a movie night without snacks?