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Ryan Crews

Hometown: Huntsville, AL

College Year/Major: Junior, Accounting & Finance

Favorite Verse: Philippians 3:14 "Continue to Press"

Favorite Sport: Basketball

Favorite Movie: Inception

First Concert Ever Attended: Weezer

Top 2 on Bucket List: Visit every continent and go to a crazy sporting event

What is Ryan's spirit animal? Otter

Three words to best describe Ryan: Thoughtful, willing, and present

What is the weirdest thing Ryan has ever eaten? Shark

Irrational Fear: Ants

If Hollywood made a movie about Ryan's life, who would Ryan like to see cast as him? Leonardo DiCaprio

If given a chance, who would Ryan be for a day? Cristiano Ronaldo

What is Ryan's biggest pet peeve? People sitting with their mouths open

If Ryan could have an ability, what would it be? PAUSE TIME

What does Ryan like to do in his spare time? RELAX

If Ryan could witness any historical event, what would he want to see?  The building of the Great Wall of China.